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Knowledgetemples, this website is one of the best sources of news in India. Also, we are providing the coaching classes of different students like class 10th CBSE and BSEB both categories of students can get a proper coaching guide,

Besides we are providing all the other users of the internet,  the latest news and the upcoming technologies and the trading news related to sports, health, tv series and much more, so like our page and keep visiting the website thank you.

Website Manage.

Vishal Kumar

He is the chief SEO expert of this website and very deep interest in technologies. He loves designing things according to his imagination, and he is a graphics designer. Also, his quick learning ability makes him different from others.

Team Members of Knowledgetemples Mathurapur, Samastipur.

Vikash Kumar Gupta

Qualification- M Sc ( Bio-Tech) 

Professional Qualification:- B.Ed ( LNMU)

Chandan Kumar

Qualification- M A ( Economics)

Govind Kumar

Qualification- B Sc ( Maths)

Nitish Kumar Singh

Qualification- M A ( English) 

Professional Qualification:- B.Ed ( LNMU)

Pankaj Kumar 

Qualification- M A ( History)

Professional Qualification:- B.Ed ( LNMU)

Kumar Rohit Raj

Qualification- M Sc ( Maths)

Professional Qualification:- B.Ed ( LNMU)

Shikha Raj

Qualification- M Sc ( Botany)                  

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Saurav Kumar

Qualification- B A (Economics )

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