How You Can Disable Autoplay In YouTube Home Screen

disable youtube autoplay option

You might have seen on YouTube that any video starts playing automatically. Which is really annoying sometimes so in today’s blog you will learn how to disable autoplay in YouTube. Maybe you are using an Android phone or maybe a laptop you can do this with both of your devices. So we are gonna teach you how to disable autoplay in youtube.

First of all, you need to go to the home screen of your mobile devices where you will see YouTube Icon simply open your YouTube and follow the steps shown below.

1 Click on the YouTube Icon and let it open. Also, keep in mind if your YouTube is not updated kindly update it.

2 Click on the YouTube Image icon which will be at the right top corner shown below.

3 Here you will see a setting option, simply select that.

4 After that you will find Auto-play option just click that to see that exact setting.

5 If you click on Auto-play you will get a pop up dialog box just asking about the Auto-play home screen features

6 This is just the last option you need to select off if you do not want this feature. Also, you can select this feature when you are connected to Wi-Fi.


This feature if you disable, will reduce the amount of data you use. If you are using any mobile data which is limited just you should disable youtube autoplay feature. Do share and comment below if you like it.

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