How to make your WhatsApp more secure.

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whatsapp security

There are many people who are not using this security features of WhatsApp so let’s do it now. Make your WhatsApp more secure WhatsApp security.

First of all, you need to follow these steps below to enable WhatsApp 2 steps verification. This verification will make your WhatsApp more secure. How it works- It provides you with 6 digits password which will help you to make it fully secure. If anyone tries to install WhatsApp with your phone numbers they need to input that 6 digits password which is impossible so by this way it will make your WhatsApp more secure so follow these steps below.

1. Just open your WhatsApp and click the three dot at the right top corner of your WhatsApp. Shown below.

2. After that you need to click on setting. Shown below

3. Here you will see Account Privacy click on that

4. After that you will see the Two-step verification click on that.

5. You need to click on enable which is shown below.

6. Make your six digit password and remember it, for the next time if needed.

7. Click on next and confirm with entering your E-Mail address. In case if you forgot your password you will easily reset it using your E-Mail address.

You are finally done with your WhatsApp security now you are free to use it and stay calm regarding your WhatsApp security.


The above steps I have used regarding your WhatsApp which will make your WhatsApp very secure. Also, It will prevent theft with other phone and another laptop. So I would like to know your comments below, did you like my post. Do tell us about your experience below. And if you guys have any queries related to any topic kindly comment below.

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