How To Reset iPod Password

When you forget your password it feels so bad in life. And when it comes to iPhone Password resetting and iPod password resetting you feel really bad in life. So do not worry about anything. You just need only a laptop in which you have synced with your device pastime. You can reset the password of any Apple devices just by going into its factory settings. So just follow the simple steps to rest iPhone password.

You need to restore your iPod to factory setting mode

step 1. Hey if you are music lover kindly back up your music.

reset iphone password

As we discussed above that you need to back up your file that may be very important for you to keep. so always connect it with your computer to select the backup button above after connecting to the computer. After doing this step you just disconnect it from the computer system.

step 2. just press sleep button and at the same time press hold button.

Here for factory setting you need to hold down the home button and sleep button for almost 10 seconds. After that your screen will go dark , and will begin to reboot mode.

step 3. Just Release the button. You will release the button once you see the Apple logo reappears to your screen. This says that you have successfully reset your device.

4. Hey, you are done create your new password which you need to follow some guidelines to reset your new password,

These were the simple and best tricks to rest your any Apple devices password. Kindly share and if you like it do comment below.

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