Privacy Policy

Knowledge Temples Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of our website will let users know how we collect users information to enhance their experience visiting our website. In no manner, we will misuse the data of users.

Personal Information of Users

We may collect users information in different manners if any users subscribe to our newsletter or any users comment to our blog post only then we collect users name & email only. However, users can visit our website without providing any personal information. They can share any blog or any pages they want. Also, we will improve users experience only by collecting any personal information of end users.

Web Browser Cookies

Our website will use “cookies” to improve users experience only. We are not gonna misuse any users personal information about a debit card, credit cards, etc. Our site will only store a few browser cookies to speed up the site loading time.

How We Protect Your Information

After Collecting your information we keep it with a secure database which we are not gonna use in different ways to misuse that data. In any manner, any attackers cannot access our database. So users do not have to worry about their personal data. We do not sell any data in any way.

Your Acceptance Of These Policy

If you visit our website that means you are agreeing to our terms and condition of our website which you have read it above. So just if you agree only then use our website if not kindly do not use it.

Contact Us Anytime

If you guys have any queries related to any work kindly contact us by just typing an E-Mail you can reach to us. You can write to us on

Samastipur Bihar.