The movie ‘’Padmavati’’ is going to release soon with 28 scene cut.

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The movie ‘’Padmavati’’ is going to release soon with 28 scene cut | new release date |


Padmavati is the upcoming Indian movie based on the ancient event. But this movie is banned in India to be released because of the scene in this movie, which is not matching the history of “Padmavati”.


Our filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali, invested around 100cr in the making of “Padmavati”. All fans of Deepika and Ranveer are eagerly waiting to watch this movie, and they all want to know the release date of “Padmavati”.


Before any controversy, this movie was scheduled to release on 1DEC 2017, but because of the scene inside this movie were not matching exactly the real Padmavati was.

So the new date of releasing of “Padmavati” movie is almost in January. The film board twitted last night about this movie.

The new release date of Padmavati is going to announce soon, maybe this movie will be released in mid of January.

Last night The Board of Cinema twitted about this movie, that this movie will be certified as the UE.

The Board of Film Certification had examining committee meeting on 28 Dec to review #Padmavati & decided to give it UA  certification on along with some modifications & likely change of the title fo Pamavat. Certificate to be issued once required & agreed modifications are made.

Almost around 26 movie scene may be removed and added new. The new name of “Padmavati” movie will be “Padmavat”.

The movie ‘’Padmavati’’ is going to release soon with 28 scene cut. the new release date of Padmavati movie will be in January.

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